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About Us

Getting the right salespeople is probably the most critical function of any sales manager/director and is likely to be the biggest difference between success and failure of their role and the company’s plans.

We believe the three ‘key’ ingredients to increase your chances of success are:


The need for a different way of thinking.…

Identifying the best candidates – We utilise the very latest technology, the most diligent researchers and a detailed candidate brief to search the market for the top performers and most successful salespeople within the industry. We do not rely on a database or job boards of people actively looking to move.

Attracting the best candidates – First is to obtain a full brief from the client that enables us to articulate the complete value proposition to prospective candidates. This should clarify the reasons why candidates would want to move – new challenge, new company, career opportunity etc.

Headhunting with a difference – No ‘up front’ retainer or exclusivity is required as we are confident that we can find the right candidates quickly.

Communication – Our process is transparent and fast, keeping you informed on progress of the assignment every step of the way.


Our Director has been in a variety of Sales Management roles for some of the leading ICT companies over the last 20 years and understands the Industry and the challenges and opportunities within it.

During this time he became increasingly frustrated with the quality and ‘fit’ of candidates put forward for sales roles. This process wasted far too much time with the temptation to compromise on the candidate employed – Not an option!


By focusing on a niche marketplace it allows us to understand our clients’ objectives, strategy, organisation and culture of the business to search effectively and efficiently for the small number of top performing salespeople who will ‘fit’ the criteria.

Given the investment In Touch will be making in this search you can be guaranteed a fast response of suitable candidates to fill the position.

These ingredients coupled with our honesty, integrity and passion will enable you to develop a value added relationship with In Touch that will produce the results necessary for a successful business.