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How we work

In Touch recognizes that recruitment is a critical investment and can transform the organisation if you get it right, conversely getting it wrong can prove to be very costly and damaging to the business. This is why we believe that investing the time ‘up front’ will pay dividends later.

How we Work

A successful recruitment process is not merely about finding candidates that have the skills to do your role. For us it is about finding candidates who will fit culturally, have career aspirations that can be met by your organisation and will add immediate, medium and long term value to you.

To achieve this In Touch will spend time with you to discuss and absorb the key information. Below is an outline of the 6 stage process we will go through:

Step 1 – Assignment Brief

To understand the company goals and ambitions as well as the necessary skill set and competency requirements for the role. This will form the assignment specification document that will be agreed by both parties and shared with candidates during the first interview. It is likely that an outline list of target companies will be discussed

Step 2 – Identification

Compile a list of target companies to be included in the search. Agree the list with the client and understand if any candidates should not be contacted. Utilising our extensive database, tenacious research team and our knowledge of the target companies identify those salespeople that have a track record of success.

Step 3 – Approach

Confidential approaches to key individuals to begin to establish their motivation to move and the relevance of their background. A structured telephone interview to provide a more detailed profile of the candidate’s background and increase their commitment to looking at a new opportunity.

Step 4 – In Touch Interview

Following client approval all qualified candidates are interviewed ‘face to face’ during which the identity of the client is revealed. This can be ‘white labeled’ if more appropriate.

Step 5 – Client Interview

A shortlist of candidates are presented to the client and once approved will enter the clients interview process.

Step 6 – Manage the Process

Act as the main point of contact for clients and candidates to ensure the recruitment process runs smoothly. Taking candidates through the offer stage and counter offers is a critical activity.