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Data Centre Specialist

UK WideAttractive Base and Comm plan to attract the very best

My client is a company transitioning from its ‘startup’ phase to its ‘explosive growth’ phase. They were set up 18 months ago with an additional funding of £100m from Intermediate Capital Group to create a UK wide network of 20 internet edge data centres providing low latency colo for hyperscale on ramps, CDN’s, gaming platforms and fibre providers enabling them to locate compute power closer to the user. The 20 sites enable us to achieve 15 mile radius of 95% of the UK’s population outside greater London which is excluded from our target market as it is very well served. We aim to offer our customers the ability to locate computer power anywhere in the UK under single contract with standard SLA’s – easy to do business with and easy to expand.

The company has raised a significant investment to grow its marketing and sales teams and successful candidates will be joining an exciting dynamic environment with all the benefits of a rapidly growing, deal making startup culture, backed by real expertise in delivering benefits to customers.


Job Brief

The Business Development Executive (BDE) team will play an integral role in the future success of my client as the organisation embarks on a rapid growth phase.

You will be responsible for developing leads, building relationships, creating partnerships and closing deals. The Business Development team take the lead in working with customers within target sectors and identifying early adopters who will benefit from our innovative approach to the data centre market.

This is your opportunity to make a real difference in a company that values result driven individuals.

You will work independently to understand the challenges faced by customers in competitive markets with high service delivery expectations.

You will build relationships with influencers and decision makers at all levels in the client organisation.

You will be confident to solve problems that mean you can maintain progress through complex client decision making systems, in order to deliver solutions that are proven to provide significant return on investment for our customers.

You will be part of a team that are dynamic, influential, proactive people and will have a strong track record in complex data centre sales. You are passionate and dedicated to bringing innovative, cutting edge solutions to the market.

You will understand the significant value our solutions bring to the highly competitive technology sector and will inspire customers to implement new ideas quickly.




  • Deliver initial introductory meetings to explore opportunities with a variety of influencers and decision makers
  • Build relationships across departments and at different levels to ensure customer organisational alignment on proposed solutions
  • Write proposals tailored to customer needs
  • Progress decision making through customer organisations including managing relationships with customer legal and procurement teams
  • Work closely with the internal commercial team to ensure financial and contractual agreements are closed in a timely and commercially valuable manner.
  • Take accountability for reporting on progress and updating internal systems




Evidence of Success. Successful candidates will have a track record of delivering complex technology solutions with large customer organisations. They have demonstrated the ability to sell innovative solutions to customers

Networking. The role depends on the capability of the Business Development Executive to generate and maintain a wide variety of customer relationships within the account to ensure cross functional engagement and endorsement. Candidates will have a track record of building and maintaining these relationships to enable successful implementation of solutions

Patience. The successful delivery of my clients solutions requires a deep understanding of customer needs and challenges, a clear delivery plan and approval by a series of customer departments. Successful Business Development Executives have a track record of patience and tenacity during a long sales cycle and evidence of commitment to delivering value.

Problem Solving. These people are forward thinking and understand the significant value that my clients solutions will deliver for their business. Business

Development Executives can build advocacy, but they also have the ability to think laterally to solve problems and overcome inertia created by organisational resistance and apathy. They will have demonstrated a flexible approach to account management that has enabled them to find a path through difficulties.


Reference: 9233
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